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Marketing & Branding AGency for the Built Environment

Keeping your firm at the top of mind for your current and future clients is Indeeza's purpose.

Indeeza Creative helps architecture, civil engineering, construction, subcontractors, and real estate organizations highlight their impact through mindful branding, storytelling, and marketing strategy. 

Our mission is to create and maintain the branding aesthetics for "boutique" and mid-sized firms so they can win key projects that align with their company values. 

  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO
  • Photography
  • Proposal & Interview Materials
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding (logos & design elements)
  • Social Media

Designing Your Firm's Vision.

Indeeza Creative.
Positioning your firm to win projects.

Two week website

Full-Service Website Design & Development
Completed in two Weeks. 

Your firm needs more than an online brochure for your website. You need a website that will allow you to win work and build repport with your clients.

Indeeza Creative has the end-client in mind while designing and developing your site. Who will be viewing your site and what are they looking for? We incorporate your projects, services, and people into your site so a viewer can understand and trust your company from the first or second impression. 

We can complete a site for you in two weeks to ensure that you are in front of clients ASAP. 

*Photography included depending on needs and location. 

Two Week
Website INFO

Featured Service

From the website design

to the coding, we provide it all.

Our team will work with your firm to design and develop your  website in two weeks. We start with a kick-off meeting that explains the timeline and the effort needed to get your website up with an expedited timeline. We then define and divide tasks between your firm and ours to ensure all content will be populated in your site within the time allocated for your project. If needed, we will travel to your workspace and take headshots and branded photography to capture your company culture and truly customize your site.

We offer the two week website service to allow your firm to begin winning work as soon as possible. The two week window also helps your firm to consolidate your website project into a short time period so it doesn't extend for months - taking your time and resources from other billable work. 


proposal & interview materials


website design & development

networking & interviewing coaching

project & people photography

logos &


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We believe in YOUR

Marketing and branding is about captivating your audience with your authenticity.

Firm Story

Indeeza Creative assesses your organization's story to find key differentiators to be used in your marketing and branding. We want your clients to know how your specific firm can stand out amongst your competitors. By delivering the story of your company, employees, projects, and culture, your clients can know your firm throughout all areas of communication. Your website, proposals, events, collateral, and social media all have an opportunity to define your brand. Our combination of design, development, copy writing, photography, and training allows your firm to have a full-service marketing and branding agency that ensures your best interest.

DELIVERING Brand Stories

We offer branding photography for your marketing projects.

Showing your firm's people, projects and services through thoughtful and strategic photography will allow your clients to fully see what your firm offers. Indeeza coordinates with your team and workspace for branded photography sessions and headshots. We also offer jobsite photography. For photo sessions, we help set guidelines for workplace attire if in an office setting. If out in the field, we coordinate the proper clearances and ensure we have the proper PPE. We take jobsite shots of field staff at work and highlight safety as a priority. We also take photos of projects after completion (interior and exterior depending on the project and the photography uses. Once we have taken the appropriate photos of your projects and people, we incorporate those shots into your marketing and branding materials.

delivering THROUGH


invest in CONTENT

Technical and creative writing done for you.

Indeeza interviews your staff to create content for project writeups, staff biographies, and company culture narratives. We incorporate the texts we write (in partnership with your firm) into your marketing materials (including website copy, proposal content, brochures, and social media).

With our experience in the built environment, we balance technical and creative writing to tell your firm's story in a cohesive way.

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